December 21, 2013

Solstice happenings… We have finally put all the beds in the field to sleep. After a good stretch of digging kale plants out of the snow and chipping leeks out of the frozen ground, we allow them their movement into the next phase of decompositon, working towards their eventual fate of fertilizing future years’ crops. We succumb to the dark winter months of eating root vegetables while we wait for our hoophouse greens to burst in the spring. I’m not complaining- those carrots that await us in the cooler are sweeeet! (and complete with many interesting shapes to entertain us through the cold days).

We have been running as farmers-turned-carpenters since October, working to get our house built before the real winter sets in (or has that already happened?!?). We’re in the homestretch, and our thoughts turn heavily towards next season. The monumental arrival of 2014 seed catalogs has gotten me flipping through dreamy pictures of our fields in their lush green state and plump tomatoes ripe on the vine… All of this inspiring so much excitement about crop planning and gearing up for an amazing next season. I can’t wait to share this bounty with you all!