Job Offerings

2017 Berry Manager/Field Crew member position at Whistle Down Farm
Whistle Down Farm is hiring for the 2017 season. We are an organic vegetable and berry farm outside of Hudson, NY. The farm is run by Eileen Wallding and Nicholas Pandjiris (and our 1 year old son Ember!). This will be our 9th season in business together, and our fifth season at this location. Currently we manage 20 acres, with about two thirds in cover crops and straw, and one third in cash crop production. About a third of what we produce is sold to 5 food pantries in Harlem and East New York through a program called Local Produce Link, which is paid for by a grant from the state of New York. Other marketing outlets are the Hudson farmers market, u-pick berries, a small CSA in Queens, and restaurant and other wholesale outlets. The work season runs from mid April- end of October.

Main Season Schedule:
• 7-4 Tuesday- Saturday
• 15 min break in morning
• 45 min lunch

Work days will start at 8 in the early spring (until mid May), and again in the fall (starting late September).

Job Responsibilities:
Berry management:
Managing seasonal strawberry and blueberry pickers, running pick your own berry hours (creating a plan for what areas should be picked on a given day and directing customers to those areas, weighing out people’s berries and collecting payment, setup and breakdown), communicating with Nicholas and Eileen about berry inventory and tasks that need to be done to maintain the berry plantings.
Field crew:
Greenhouse work, transplanting, weed control, side-dressing and spraying foliar applications, irrigation, harvest, strawberry and blueberry picking, washing and packing produce, driving deliveries, pruning and trellising high tunnel tomatoes…and more.

What we’re looking for in our crew members:
Most importantly: Energetic, positive, a good sense of humor, gets along well with others.
Enthusiastic, hard-working, and excited about farming.
Motivated by the challenge to work quickly while completing a task well.
Ability to work as part of a team in a fast-paced environment.
Ability to stay on task when working alone.
Find enjoyment in physical labor.
Good at following directions, remembering details.
Ability to stay positive in uncomfortable conditions- intense heat, cold, rain, wind, etc.
Respectful towards other crew members.
Good communicator- able to express needs and concerns clearly.
Good use of common sense, putting thought into the task at hand.
Commitment to food justice and an awareness of the inequities in our food system as part of a larger picture of social injustice.
Ability to be on time, always put tools away, clean up after yourself.
You like toddlers and cats and bees.

starting at $11/hour plus vegetables.

We are fast-paced farmers that take our work seriously and strive for efficiency and a strong work ethic, but we don’t run our operation like a monotonous machine – We really love farming and know how to have fun and laugh in the field, and enjoy getting to know the people we work with. We aim to create a work environment that is fun, educational, fulfilling, and positive for everyone involved.

If interested, please send your resume and 3 references (at least 2 work references), along with a short letter about why you want to work at Whistle Down Farm and what you can bring to our team.