July 3, 2013

Exciting news on the farm this week: a couple of the tomatoes started to blush red! That means we’re only about 2 weeks out from ripe tomatoes, one week if we ever get some consistent sun.

For those of you that haven’t been out to the farm, we have a lot of big projects going on, in addition to the normal bigness of our regular farm tasks. One of those is a pole barn that we’ve been slowly chipping away at when we can make the time. It will be where we wash and pack produce, and where our walk in cooler will be. We’re excited to report that we started putting the roof on it this week, and most of the siding is up as well. That meant that this morning when we were washing your produce, we didn’t have to put up our market tent and hang tablecloths everywhere to provide shade. We’re glad those days are gone!

And believe it or not, we now have a facebook page, which my sister made for us. I don’t know how to find it, but for those of you more computer savvy than me, it’s under our farm name. There are pictures of our barn raising party and other scenes from around the farm over the last few months.

We also ate our first strawberry from the farm this week. Utterly delicious! It was sort of a fluke that we had a ripe berry, because we pick all of the flowers off the strawberry plants in their first year so that they yield more heavily in their second year. Luckily we missed one and got to sample some of the fruit! For those of you that stick around until next year, you’ll be in for an amazing treat cause those are some darn good berries.

This week you’re getting:

Summer Squash Scallions

Radishes or Beets Carrots

Head Lettuce Rainbow Chard


Broccoli-thanks to Blue Star Farm!