June 26, 2013

Another fine week of eating… And working! We’ve been busy this week getting fall crops in the ground – beets, carrots, cabbage, kale, collards, and brussels sprouts, to name a few. It’s always a strange time of year for us to be planting these cold weather crops – Preparing for winter just as we roll across the solstice and it really begins to feel like summer! But they need a long time to mature, so summer is the season for planting winter food!

Our days have been a bit chaotic lately- we start with a to-do list that gets shifted by weather pretty much every afternoon… It feels like we’re in this endless game with the looming dark clouds and distant thunder- the constant questioning: Is it safe to stay in the field? Should I abandon these transplants right here in their exposed-root vulnerability? Despite this dance with the weather, we have managed to get plants in the ground, weeds out of the ground, and continue to make progress on our deer fence (another tool for keeping plants in the ground) and pole barn.

Speaking of pulling plants out of the ground… we have our first carrots this week! Along with other delights.

The full lineup is:

Kale “Peppermint” Swiss Chard

Carrots (from Letterbox Farm Collective)

Lettuce Scallions

Garlic scapes Basil


This may be the last week for garlic scapes! Don’t be afraid of this wild-looking garlic stalk! Garlic scapes pesto… seriously, you should try it. Just replace scapes for the basil and garlic in your favorite pesto recipe. Or throw in your bunch of basil \for a pesto fusion… So simpe! So delicious! And you can freeze some and save for the days of scapes gone by.

And lastly, try these honey-dill carrots, invented by Eileen’s mom:

Blanche one bunch of carrots in boiling water with 3-4 whole sprigs of dill for 1 minute. Drain and remove dill. Simmer 5 minutes with 1 tbsp each of honey and butter, and chopped fresh dill leaves. Salt to taste.